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Drone Photo and Video

Times has changed and the dream of capturing aerial views is possible thanks to the amazing technology of professional drones. A drone is a super sophisticated flying camera that requires a skilled pilot and image expert to get the job done. We are FAA registered and ready to capture those aerial views for you. Now the sky is not the limit.  The limit is your imagination. We are your tool. Our skills will make possible to fly and photograph or videotape what you need, outdoors or indoors.

Aerial Surveying

Our Drone offer huge savings compared with hours of airplane or helicopter to survey the ground or buildings or for cartography, topography, feature recognition, archaeology and GIS applications.

Real State

Using a drone to capture low altitude aerial footage shows large
pieces of property and homes with unique features more quickly than standard video and photography. Aerial videos attracts more listings.

Sports and Events

These are one of the most exiting applications using a camera drone. A new perspective showing participation of public, large decorations, action.

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