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I approach weddings with the spirit of photojournalism. I like to capture the natural, true moments and reflect the excitement and emotions of your day. It is the way that future generations will see how it happened.

I am a documentary photographer. My objective is to make pictures which show the feel of the day and reflect the personalities of the participants, something more challenging but far more rewarding in the future than an externally-imposed images.

I provide a photojournalistic style in a fine art fashion when capturing your wedding moments. This non-intrusive approach gives people a comfortable, relaxing space. I found photojournalism to be the best way to capture people’s expressions and their emotions in a creative way that tells a beautiful story.

Photojournalism is a special way of approaching wedding photography. I prefer to preserve the essence of your wedding experience instead of have posed photographs. My style is to create a simple and elegant photographic narrative of those natural moments of your wedding day.

The marriage, bride and groom are the main story of the day. The subplots should not be ignored. There are necessary those pictures that should help people remember, but also show them things they never saw. It is important to take images during the entire day, not just highlights, to tell the complete wedding story.

Some of the most intimate moments of the day are found when the mother helps her daughter into her dress, or as the bride is with her dad going into the limo when they are going to the church. The only way that those important moments can be recorded is when the people being photographed are completely comfortable with the photographer.

Often, the couple and I walk away from the reception to make some pictures on our own, where they can be by themselves away from the main event. During this informal portrait session, some amazing and incredibly beautiful images are made. I photograph the bridal portraits and family groupings you want, in a more contemporary style, using beautiful lighting, helping you look your best, without stiff or unnatural poses.

You determine the volume of group portraits. These formal images will be appreciated many years later when you’ll see them. It is important to complete this images as quickly and efficiently as possible. The group sessions are shot quickly with comfort and fun in mind. I don’t like that group shots over-posed. I believe that every couple, friends and family have their own unique energy and personality and my job is to find that special energy and capture it.

I use the finest Nikon Professional Digital equipment to deliver the quality and variety you should expect from your wedding photographer. These cameras give me greater creativity. The quality of the current professional digital cameras can produce the best prints. I work with a variety of zoom lenses and image stabilizing technology.

As a visual storyteller, I want to create a living record of the celebration. In this way the viewers will have the images to feel the love, energy and emotional energy of the wedding day no matter how many months, years or decades away from the date they would be. If you want top quality photographs, affordability, and peace of mind, we should talk.

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