WOW! I got these amazing head shots at the exhibit floor. I needed a good photo for my profile and this was free and a great gift from the organizer. Caroline E.

Event Headshots is an amazing opportunity for your company or organization to attract people giving them a professional take away. It’s also a great tool to create traffic to an exhibit booth or for a sponsor to have the name and logo in a Thank you for visiting email or text message used when retrieving the photos.

Our trained event headshot specialists will setup a portable headshot studio to offer mini sessions during the event. Low resolution or high-resolution files are available as part of the different packages we offer.

At EAPHOTO, we can produce high volume of headshots allowing many people to have their portrait taken and getting their best poses in just a few minutes of work.

How it works.

We like to set up about one hour before the time you want us to start shooting.  If the studio is located at an exhibit hall, then Lunch time and break hours are the busiest times. Receptions and event networking are other great opportunities to have more people coming for their headshots.

Required space

We need about 10×10 feet area and access to a power outlet to feed our flashes and computer.

Time per person required

Once we finish setting up our lights and backdrop, we only spend time at helping people to pose and look good and professional. We only need a couple minutes per person and we are capable of doing about 120 people at a half a day event maintaining the high quality of our headshots.

Instant Sharing (Delivering Internet ready files)

This amazing technology makes your photos available almost instantly. The photos travels from the camera to our server and then using a tablet mounted on a stand, your guest will be able to immediately find their photos and send to themselves via email, text or social media. The screen of the tablet will have a custom title related to the event.

Web Gallery (delivering HR Files)

With this method, your guest will be able to see all photos of the session and after choosing the favorite image, the file will be professionally edited and finished by our editing team. A high-resolution file will be sent when the photo is ready. Clients are then sent a link to download their edited event head shots image ready to upload onto their online profiles. This process takes about 3 business days.

Event Headshots Features:

  • Quick & easy professional event headshots
  • Portable studio
  • 2-3 minutes per person
  • Instant sharing for instant retrieval of images
  • Individual online gallery for viewing & selection purposes
  • All images professionally edited
  • Pricing options for low & high resolution images
  • We take care of all the admin

Event Headshot Video

Instant Sharing Video

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